Nokia C3 Review

Nokia C3 Review

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The Nokia C3 has all you need. It has easy messaging features and a speedy online connection. Connect to the internet over EDGE/GPRS or Wi-Fi. You can manage your email, music and calendar with dedicated widgets and get live Facebook and Twitter feeds on your home screen. Get your message across fast and simple using the full QWERTY keyboard and you are able to access up to 10 personal email accounts on your phone including Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail and Gmail. The built-in 2 megapixel camera allows you to share your photos via email, MMS or a wireless Bluetooth connection and you are able to listen to your favourite music with the music player or built-in FM radio.

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  • Suzanna

    I live in portmore,jamaica and most of the digicel stores i called in portmore,they dont have the c3 in stock an I NEED THAT PHONE. Do u know where has it in stock and it is not far out of portmore.

  • Nicole

    I’m all the way in Westmoreland and couldn’t get any here either. I travelled all the way to Hnaover only to hear at 2 branches there that they are out of stock.
    This really sucks…
    I guess Digicel didnt know that it was gonna go like hot bread.

  • Nicole

    Digicel, please get some more C3 in stock ASAP.

  • Suzanna

    its suzanna again and guess what people ? i got the phone. when my parents surprised me with it i screamed so loud that the neighbours came to my house wondering what was wrong. There are only 1 problem I have with the phone,the case that i got with it,its easily desroyed.

  • me

    You can buy it online and get it activated with Digicel.If it needs to be unlocked u have to pay for that too.

  • Susan100jm

    Please everyone take my advise and spear yourselves the headhache and trauma of buying this phone. It is a good phone to look at and use but the phone battery is a real problem. It takes more than 3 hours to charge and runs out in just about the same time and so for the day you might end up charging the phone 3 times or more even when you are not using it

  • ecurtis

    i need the setting for the mms service, i need to do it manually

  • lavern

    they stole my blackberry n the c3 is z best bet right  now i hear it good i tried most places in spanish town n kingston but wasnt sucessfu. find me a dealer that i can purchase now thanks

  • Mary_halapi

    mines working good

  • Oshanebrown345

     those the nokia chat works in jamaica?

  • Jmac.

    i like the phones especially the pink one OMG!!!!

  • shan shan

    whats the price

  • Kelvin visit my ovi store for awesome nokia apps. Click the link i have attached then skip the ad

  • tia

    i like the pink one but i want the price for it they are bettter than degicel!!!!!!!!!!!!

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