LIME Jamaica

LIME JamaicaL for Landline, I for Internet, M for Mobile and E for Entertainment. LIME Jamaica is the second largest provider of cell phones in Jamaica and is the Caribbean’s leading Communications Company which offers an innovative approach to telecommunications for the Caribbean.

Their mission: To understand and deliver to our governments, businesses, and families.
Their vision: Always working to improve life in the Caribbean.
Their promise: Building, connecting and serving our communities.

One of the most popular offerings from LIME Jamaica is their LIME Webmail. This feature allows you to access your email account from anywhere, which is quite convenient.

The company stands on one single principle. The promise that they use international credentials to bring the best technologies to the region and put together products and services that make individuals in the Caribbean lives better. LIME also promises to deliver first class service and the great communication solutions across the board – from landline to mobile and from broadband to TV and entertainment.

For executive and enterprise customers, LIME offers a complete communication solution, which aid in solving genuine business issues. From price reduction to customer attainment, the company makes it possible for growth. LIME works assiduously to make it better for regions in the Caribbean. The LIME Green campaign which will decrease carbon footprint will allow each child in each of our markets to have access to a computer with an internet connection and in return they will have access to a world of education.

LIME believes that the Caribbean deserves a better place, better for their customers, better for their colleagues and better for the communities that they serve.

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